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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


2nd e-Learning and Distance Education Conference in collaboration with Allama Iqbal Open University will be held in Islamabad on 30th and 31st March 2009.
Welcome to the 2nd E-Learning and Distance Education Conference

Welcome to the 2nd e-Learning and Distance Education Conference The Virtual University of Pakistan is hosting 2nd e-Learning and Distance Education Conference in collaboration with Allama Iqbal Open University on 30th and 31st March 2009, we are proud to welcome you to this conference. This year the theme of the conference is Learning in the New Millennium: Trends and Impact

Journey of knowledge and learning began many millenniums ago. It started when the first question was asked and its solution was sought and implemented. Every millennium and indeed every century has its own trends and impacts on the coming times. End of one millennium marks and paves the way to new ideas for forthcoming generations. Same is true for last millennium, as it left roadmaps for the exciting journey of learning in this millennium, yes distance education, elearning, mLearning and so on. The extraordinary pace of development in the arena of learning in this millennium has forced educationists, practitioners as well as the general public to ponder at the impact that the current trends in nascent time of this millennium will have on the learning and education on the years to come. And that is the focus of this conference.

The Virtual University is Pakistan’s first university which is based completely on modern model of education involving Information and Communication Technologies, and is becoming a reference for other organizations/institutions providing learning/training through electronic and traditional means. It has the best suite to research upon new trend in learning and fulfilling the requirements of the students of this millennium, furthermore, the impact of any new and beneficial research is instantly reaped by its students, thus keeping them at par, or even ahead in learning and education. ELDEC 2009 is being organized by Virtual University of Pakistan in collaboration with Allama Iqbal Open University, that is, the first Open University in Asia and a unique institution in Pakistan because of its philosophy, system, approach, functions and overall structure. The University with its main campus at Islamabad and huge network of regional centers spread all over the country is serving its clientele all over Pakistan and in the Middle East. AIOU is a Distance Education institution, which provides multi disciplinary education from basic to doctoral level programs.

ELDEC 2009 will merge the cutting-edge research with practical, real-life problems and advancements in learning institutes and in business arena, and highlight its impact on students and practitioners, in order to advance the state of Learning around us. To achieve this goal, we are inviting researchers, educationists and practitioners to present their research findings, work in progress, case studies and conceptual advances in areas of work where learning and technology meet. Furthermore more there valuable analysis on the current trends in learning and the impact it would have.

ELDEC 2009 will be held at prestigious office of Higher Education Commission based in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, located against the backdrop of Margalla Hills at the northern edge of Potohar Plateau. Islamabad is the first planned City of South Asia with scenic beauty and friendly environment. !The city host the famous Shah Faisal mosque 2nd largest mosque in the world, Lok virsa museum, and has many other attractions.

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