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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Human Resource Development
Enhancing institutional capacities and promoting local research activities through a host of scholarship programs and supporting services
Scholarships | Foreign Fellowships | Approved PhD Supervisors | Faculty Hiring Programs | Foreign Experts |

Research and Development
Fuelling Innovation through initiatives geared towards developing a world-class, dynamic and flexible research sector
Research Grants | Scientific Equipment and Library Grants | Conferences and Meetings | Industrial Liaison | Others |

Academic and Extra Curricular Affairs
Promoting the development of a modern, vibrant and thriving academic environment within universities in Pakistan
Curriculum Revision | Sports | Foreign Students Admission | Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities | others |

Quality Assurance and Learning Innovation
Affecting sustainable improvements in the delivery of higher education to achieve parity with international standards of quality
Quality Assurance | Learning Innovation | Degree Attestation and Equivalence | Others |

Finance, Planning and Development
Allocating funds to meet the development and recurring expenditure of universities and ensuring their effective utilization
Development Projects | Recurring Grants | Monitoring & Evaluation | Others |

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